why not heterosexual UNawareness month

pretend heterosexuals don’t exist for the WHOLE month

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Agency has become a catch word. In a way, this intoxication with ‘agency’ is the product of liberal individualism. The ability of individuals to fashion themselves, to change their live, is given ideological priority over the relation within which they themselves are actually formed, situated, and sustained.

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glittershotgun said: what does "spectrumslide" mean? pardon my ignorance, i'd just like to get an actual definition / explanation if that wouldn't be too much trouble!


as far as i can tell it’s a fashionable replacement for “genderbend”. the idea behind it is supposed to be that changing a character’s gender by changing their appearance is problematic (there’s some meat on that but imo in general it reflects a certain anxiety about people trying to exist more comfortably as women by becoming more bodily female). the idea it promotes instead is that you can move around, or “slide” a character’s place on the “spectrums” of sex and gender.

my problem with that is this: if cis people or afab genderweirds who exist in afab-exclusive queer communities are leadfooted and insensitive about trans women in the broad strokes, offering them finer tools to depict us tends to make that worse rather than better. i have seen artists insist that what they’re depicting is someone with a “female body” and a “male gender” but in almost all cases this has been canon male characters depicted as women, with nothing discernably different about them from other women.

i think it’s also potentially gross and cruel in that it compresses a body’s “maleness” or “femaleness” into physical characteristics. it can be useful sometimes to talk about how well a body fits the cissexist phenotype system, but trans ladies i know who see themselves as women but exist in physical spaces these systems call “male” are targeted by male heterosexuality in strange and unpleasant ways, are targeted for body policing in ways typical of women, and are in general subject to misogynist pressures dictated more by a feeling-out of their self-concept than an inspection of their bodies.

sex is located in the energy of the living and social body as much as in the anatomy.

gender (social place driven by self-concept) and sex (the things expected of your body) are interwoven and mutually dependent; in laymen’s terms “gender” precipitates “sex”. i don’t think someone who is meaningfully gendered male can be meaningfully sexed female or vice-versa, or at least to the extent this is ever possible it’s an unstable and unusual state of affairs.

or, in summary, if you depict a man with prominent breasts and hips, a delicate bone structure, a height of about eight heads, light body hair, and a vulva, you are depicting someone whose gender is male and whose sex is male. if you depict a woman with a wide ribcage, no visible breasts, mature facial and body hair, a height of about nine heads, and a penis and testicles, you are depicting someone whose gender is female and whose sex is female. that’s a good thing and not a bad thing. i think it becomes a bad thing when you start dicking around with cissexist language to describe it.

i think the impulse it represents can be a nice one - drawing people with bodies atypical for the gender we see them as. but in execution i think it’s generally offensive to a degree exceeding the weird and fraught concept of genderbending

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I confess, I woke up like this….

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tumblr knows how badly i want bitcoins.

tumblr knows how badly i want bitcoins.